When information is sent over the internet it goes from one computer to another until it gets to where it is going. This means information could be seen or taken at one of those computers along the way.

We remove this risk because any information sent to us online is coded (encrypted).

You can tell if you're sending encrypted data to us. Check the web address at the top of the page you're on. It will start with 'https'. The 's' at the end shows that the page you're on is sending encrypted data. Pages not secure start with 'http' (there's no 's').

We also use other ways to protect your information.

Damaging Our websites, Electronic Facilities or Data

Meaning to cause damage to our websites, electronic facilities or data is unlawful.

You're responsible for any damage you cause to our website, electronic facilities or data.

The damage could be you sending a program, information, code or command to damage our websites, electronic facilities or data.

You must not access or attempt to access our websites or online services through automated tools (including the use of scripts, web crawlers, robots or screen scrapers).

You must not do anything that will, or is likely to, interfere with or disrupt our website or online services.


We provide security to protect our websites and online services.

The security of our social media pages is looked after by each social media channel's own conditions of use.

Where you're using a third party service provider to give us information, we are not responsible for the security of their systems. Contact your service provider for more information about their system’s security.

You need to make sure any computer or device you use is secure. This includes taking all reasonable steps to:

  • prevent someone misusing or getting unauthorised access to your computer system or to our online services
  • make sure your computer system and data are free of computer viruses and all other forms of corruption
  • make sure any computer system you use in place of your own is also free of viruses and other forms of corruption