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Assessments, Objections & Refunds


The Assessments Process
Assessing Your Tax Return

The IRD will go through a process of inspecting your tax return to determine documents and calculations are valid and accurate; the IRDwill then issue you a notice of assessment, which shows the details of your tax refund or liability.

You should check your notice of assessment and inform the IRD if it has any errors.  If you think you made a mistake on your return, you can file an amended return through the Objection process.


The Objections Process

Upon receipt of the notice of assessment, you are advised to check the amount of income assessed, allowances and deductions allowed, and the Assessment's Note (if any) to understand the basis of the assessment and the reasons of disallowing your claim for allowances or deductions. If you disagree with an assessment, you may lodge an Objection and Appeal.

If you wish to dispute the assessment, you must fill out an Objections Form and stating precisely the grounds of the objection along with any supporting documents within the prescribed time limit. The notice of objection must be received by the Inland Revenue Department within 60 Days after the date of issue of the notice of assessment. Late objections will only be considered if the Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Department is satisfied.


The Refunds Process
The Refunds Process
 We will issue your notice of assessment with your refund cheque, if you are entitled, within reasonable time. If your return is a previous year return, incomplete, incorrect or needs reviewing, it may take us longer. If you provided a valid Saint Lucian bank account details in your return, your refund will be deposited onto it. If valid account details are not provided, your refund cheque can only be collected at our head office or it can be mailed to you via the post.
Current List of Unclaimed Refunds

Below is the current list of unclaimed refund cheques. Simply select by letter of Last Name